About the Blog:

Our goal is for writers to contribute blogs about their experiences living with and managing epilepsy so that our readers, who are managing epilepsy, know that:

  • They are not alone!
  • There are practical solutions to the challenges epilepsy presents for individuals and families
  • There is a place to share experiences with epilepsy, knowing that the readers of this blog understand and are familiar with the events and feelings being written about

We know that our bloggers are not typically professional writers; therefore, the Epilepsy Association blog editors will work with you to ensure that your contribution reflects positively on you, and meets the goals you set out to accomplish in writing your blog, and meets the Epilepsy Association blog purposes.

Blog posts are generally short – between 250 and 400 words, and have the capacity to include either a videos and pictures. While not required, your pictures will make the blog more interesting and engaging. The most important tip to remember is that we are looking for real experiences, feelings and opinions about living with epilepsy. For us, living with epilepsy means living with your own epilepsy, or having a family member or loved one with epilepsy.

We also look to post your creative prose and/or verses when epilepsy is a theme of the work.

The following is a short list of possible blog topics:
1) How our life changed in the first few days after learning that our child has epilepsy
2) My sister or brother has epilepsy
3) Managing seizures in public places
4) Employment and how I manage my epilepsy in the workplace
5) Experiences living with the stigma that is associated with epilepsy
6) Epilepsy is not a disability ~ or ~ epilepsy is a disability for me
7) Experiences with epilepsy surgery
8) Experiences or how to cope with feelings of isolation associated with epilepsy

Contact us:

Anyone interested in contributing to the Epilepsy Association blog is encouraged to contact Miranda, the blog administrator at the Epilepsy Association. Please contact her by either calling our office at (216) 579-1330 or by emailing mpflaum@epilepsyinfo.org.


Purple EA Ohio Logo

About the Epilepsy Association:

The Epilepsy Association is a nonprofit organization located in Cleveland, Ohio, serving children, adults, and families affected by epilepsy. For more than forty years, the agency has been offering a range of services to individuals affected by epilepsy in the Northeast Ohio area.


Services offered by the Epilepsy Association include:

1. Adult case management and counseling for individuals in poverty with severe epilepsy and mental illness. Services are provided regardless of the individuals’ ability to pay. These services are not duplicated in Northeast Ohio.

2. Information and referral services staffed by licensed social workers who respond to caller requests. Social workers provide direct assistance including linking callers with other community providers.

3. Epilepsy awareness programs for students and school personnel for the purpose of improving the safety and educational outcomes for the student with epilepsy, and reducing the historical stigma associated with the condition.

4. Community epilepsy awareness programs including safety training and appropriate seizure response for the work environment, public information/awareness campaigns, and support for community health fairs and other health related activities.

The Epilepsy Association is not affiliated with any national organizations. For more information, please visit our website at www.epilepsyinfo.org


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