EA’s 2017 Client of the Year!

At the Epilepsy Association, we see clients overcome obstacles in their lives on a daily basis. Each year at the Epilepsy Association’s Annual Meeting, one client is chosen and recognized for their significant achievements in overcoming their struggles related to their epilepsy and mental health issues. It is hard to choose just one recipient to celebrate, as we have seen such great improvements with all of our clients. This year’s recipient of the Client of the Year Award is Dean Bratsch.

Dean started having seizures at 12 years old, and was diagnosed with epilepsy during his teen years. He was having grand mal seizures into his early 20’s. At this point, he learned about the Epilepsy Association, and became a client in February of 2013. He was looking for help with his seizure control and independence, and also his feelings of anxiety and isolation.

When Dean started seeing a case worker here at the Association, he began to learn important coping skills with his anger and anxiety. He also started seeing a new neurologist who told him he might be a candidate for epilepsy surgery. During his time with the Association, Dean has moved into his own apartment and has become more independent. His communication with his doctors is much better, and he is better at managing his own life.

On June 22, 2017 Dean graciously accepted his 2017 Client of the Year Award, and thanked his mom, the rest of his family, friends, and the case workers who have helped him during his time here at the Association.

Dean is continuing to work towards his goals and dreams with the love and support of his family, friends, and staff at the Epilepsy Association.

Congratulations to Dean on all of his accomplishments!

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