Children are important too!

7-1 Lacey_son Ryan
Lacey and son Ryan

“A person’s a person, no matter how small.”
-Dr. Seuss

Epilepsy affects more than just adults – kids of all ages are diagnosed every day with epilepsy. Here in Northeast Ohio we are fortunate to have world class epilepsy centers to diagnose and treat children’s seizure disorders. However, even with these wonderful resources, the Epilepsy Association has noticed a gap in services available to meet the needs of families managing epilepsy.

Typically, 50% of the agency’s Information & Referral calls are from parents of children with epilepsy looking for the answer to the question “What do I do now?” Many of the parents who call are struggling with how to help their children manage the effects of epilepsy with each stage of development. Some of the issues parents tell us about concern the isolation their child is experiencing, meeting their child’s educational needs, or having a desire to meet with and network with other parents. In order to help families find the answers for these and other challenges, the Epilepsy Association has launched a new social service called
Kids and Family Program. For more information visit our webpage at

The new Kids and Family Program provides services which help families find answers to their questions by identifying resources, and empowering the family to tackle the challenges epilepsy presents. The program is flexible, and family centered. We recognize that siblings and parents have their own hurdles when dealing with epilepsy. Family Centered means that the entire family has needs that must be met too.

There is no charge for these services. The service provides one-to-one consultation provided in a private and confidential setting by an Epilepsy Association social worker. The social worker will either come to your home or meet with you at the Epilepsy Association office. During the consultation, the social worker will help you understand the family’s needs as it relates to living with epilepsy, and identify community-based resources.

We are excited about offering a service that helps children with epilepsy, and their families. If you or someone you know might benefit from this new service, please call us at 216-579-1330 or e-mail Please help us spread the word that help is only a phone call away!

Lacey Wood
Director of Community Programs

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