By wearing purple on March 26, you will help increase awareness of epilepsy


Marcia Columbro, MD

Say the word “pink” and most people will think of Susan G Komen and Breast Cancer Awareness. However, how many people know that purple is the color associated  with the Epilepsy Association and the international Global Epilepsy Awareness Day known as Purple Day? It took the creativity of a young girl, Cassidy Megan, from Nova Scotia, Canada to conceive Purple Day as a way to raise epilepsy awareness.  The name Purple Day was chosen after the international color for epilepsy, lavender.  The lavender flower is associated with solitude which represents the isolation many people who have seizures feel.  I am a pediatrician and I am pleased to be involved with the Epilepsy Association as a member of the Physician Advisory Board and also as the chairperson for the Cleveland area Purple Day. The Epilepsy Association is a non-profit organization which provides much needed services to help those with epilepsy navigate their lives.  Purple Day is an international movement celebrated around the world on March 26th.  Many of you may have epilepsy or know someone with epilepsy as more than 3 million Americans have some form of epilepsy. Many of you may not know that someone you know has epilepsy as there is a veil of secrecy associated with the disease. No matter who you are I challenge you to help raise epilepsy awareness by wearing purple on March 26th .For those of you that are more ambitious or want more involvement go to to find out about other activities taking place for Purple Day and how you can take part! Join us for the Epilepsy Association Purple Day Party on March 26, 2013 at P J Mcintyre’s Irish pub located at 17119 Lorain Ave from 5:30-7:30pm by purchasing tickets at

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